What’s the Difference Between Child Stress and Anxiety?

Some Stress and Anxiety is OK, but how much is too much?

All children are likely to experience stress and anxiety at some time of their lives, and to an extent, this is developmentally appropriate. Children learn through their experiences, so with the right support from parents and caregivers, learning to cope with some stresses and worries actually helps children… Continue Reading »
brain-based therapy

What is Brain-Based Therapy?

What is Brain-Based Therapy When it Comes to Anxiety Treatment?

Neuropsychotherapy, or brain-based therapy, is a type of therapy which helps guide clients to overcome their psychological issues through educating them about how their brains are functioning, and what they can do to help relieve their symptoms. It is a practical therapy combined with warm counselling support, which aims to give clients… Continue Reading »

What is Adult Anxiety?

Shannyn Wilson Psychology is a boutique anxiety clinic in the heart of Kew, with a special interest in treating anxiety in children, adolescents, and adults. Head to our Home Page to find out more about our Clinic, or continue to read for some helpful tips on when to seek some additional support. Adult Anxiety is an internal stress that is… Continue Reading »