School Refusal and Transitions to Kinder, Primary School, and Secondary School

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Shannyn Wilson Psychology is a boutique psychology clinic with a special interest in the treatment of anxiety, panic, and associated conditions across the lifespan. We believe in early intervention, education, support, and skills building to give children, adolescents and their families the very best start in life. Our Principal Psychologist Shannyn provides effective treatment for separation anxiety, school refusal and managing transitions to Kinder, Primary School and Secondary School.

School Refusal and Transitions to Child Care, Kinder, School and Secondary School

Is your child or adolescent experiencing separation anxiety and distress around going to kinder, school, or transitioning to the next year? Is your child stating they don’t want to go to school, are feeling anxious or wanting to avoid school, or finding it hard to sleep when school goes back?

Shannyn helps to address school refusal and transitional support in the following ways:

  • Helping manage new transitions to kinder, primary school, & secondary school
  • Addressing separation anxiety & school refusal
  • Building emotional resilience skills & independence
  • Enhancing self-esteem & social confidence
  • Parent support strategies, guidance & education
  • Effective and individualised therapy for children & adolescents
  • School visits and on-site meetings with school staff to develop practical support strategies in the school setting

If you would like to find out more about booking an appointment with Shannyn, contact Reception on 0422 868 056.