Parenting Support at SW Psychology

We assist parents to build effective, practical, and nurturing parenting methods to foster the development of emotionally intelligent and happy children and adolescents.

Teaching parents about their child’s developing brain – on a cognitive, emotional, social, and behavioural level, allows parents to match their parenting expectations to their child’s developmental level, which in turn helps foster a positive and robust self-esteem.

SW Psychology treatment for children and adolescents will often incorporate parent-based sessions to provide regular feedback on learnt strategies or progress, as well as providing parenting strategies, education, and guidance to bring the most effective treatment outcomes for their young person.

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Parenting support may supplement child treatment or may be offered separately:

Sometimes parents would like to visit a psychologist experienced in working with children and adolescents to get some parenting guidance and strategies, without wanting to engage their child or adolescent in the therapy process.

A few reasons why some parents may access SW Psychology for parenting support include:

  • To learn about behaviour management strategies and how to set clearer, more consistent, and predictable boundaries and limits around their child’s or teen’s behaviour
  • To seek guidance on ways to manage difficult times in a child’s or families life, such as when a new sibling comes along, significant changes, trauma, grief & loss in the family.
  • To gain knowledge and information about their child/adolescent’s developing brain, and to help create more realistic expectations in their approach to parenting
  • To discuss their own parenting behaviours and styles, and to discover new ways to parent their chid or adolescent
  • To explore and address parenting difficulties in their adjustment to the parenting role at different stages of child development, and what the parent themselves brings to the parent-child relationship.

To find out more about how SW Psychology can support parents, call our Clinic on (03) 9806 0623