Dr Carli Growcott

Is This Typical Separation Anxiety?

Separation Anxiety and Helping You Give Your Child The Very Best Start to Kinder or School

Shannyn Wilson Psychology is a boutique anxiety clinic in Kew, with a special interest in treating all forms of anxiety including separation anxiety in children. Find out more about our Clinic from our Home page, or continue reading for useful information, and when to… Continue Reading »

What’s the Difference Between Child Stress and Anxiety?

Some Stress and Anxiety is OK, but how much is too much?

All children are likely to experience stress and anxiety at some time of their lives, and to an extent, this is developmentally appropriate. Children learn through their experiences, so with the right support from parents and caregivers, learning to cope with some stresses and worries actually helps children… Continue Reading »

Child Sleep Treatment – Bedtime Help for Busy Families!

Child sleep and bedtime challenges can manifest in a number of different ways. Children’s sleep patterns and preferences come in as many shapes and forms as children physically come in. Sometimes sleep difficulties can surface as a mismatch between the child’s own unique sleep system, and what the parents would ideally like their child’s sleep to look like. Sometimes children… Continue Reading »

Inside the Child Psychology Room

What happens and how does it work?

Children may visit a child psychologist for a number of reasons. These might include: To receive some help with an area of their life that is challenging Learning about themselves and helpful ways to deal with their feelings, manage their behaviours or develop coping skills and resilience To have a safe space to… Continue Reading »