SW Psychology delivers a range of tailored workshops and seminars for parents, teachers, and schools around Melbourne.

Workshop and Seminar topics covered:

  • Talking About Separation Anxiety and School – Understanding why some children develop significant difficulties with separation anxiety, and helping parents and teachers find strategies to an anxious child’s start to school, or back-to-school distress. This workshop can be individually tailored for a staff training night or a parent information evening.
  • Parenting An Anxious Child – A parent information evening to share practical and effective strategies and techniques to increase your child’s independent coping, and reduce reliance on parental reassurance.
  • Anxiety and Sleep – uncovering the common issues and pitfalls surrounding child sleep problems. Why day time anxiety can lead to night time waking, and what you can do to help your child snuggle down for a good nights sleep.

If you are interested in having SW Psychology come to your school or centre, please make a direct enquiry by phone or email.