SW Psychology Provides Psychologist Services for Families in Malvern

Psychologist Malvern – When you or your family members need a helping hand from an understanding psychologist, you can trust the team at SW Psychology, South Yarra. We were established in 2012, and since then have been providing a highly experienced anxiety clinic that treats anxiety, stress and panic symptoms in children, adolescents, adults and families, as well as a broad range of other psychological issues. We believe strongly in brain-based therapy, and our highly skilled therapists will take into account the unique reasoning behind why you require psychology support, and develop a treatment plan tailored towards your individual needs. To learn more, visit our Home Page or to make an appointment with a caring therapist, call our dedicated staff today on 03 9806 0623.


Sometimes children and teens just need to talk with a qualified psychologist

No matter how much love you give them, children can struggle with a wide range of emotional issues; and navigating themselves through those issues can be easier when they have support from a qualified therapist. Some of the most common psychological issues that affect children and teenagers include:

  • Difficulties in making friends
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Behavioural issues
  • Bullying
  • Low self-esteem and confidence issues
  • Learning difficulties
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Oppositional defiant disorder
  • Difficulties with family and relationships
  • Marriage and family breakdowns
  • Grief and loss
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
  • Mood swings, anger, and irritability
  • Distorted body image
  • Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

A therapist is specifically trained to support your child through their problems, while increasing their self-esteem, and empowering and encouraging them to be resilient and independent. You can learn more about our specialist therapy for children and adolescents here. If you live in Malvern, SW Psychology is conveniently located close by in South Yarra. Make an appointment for your child or teenager with a caring and compassionate psychologist on 03 9806 0623.

SW Psychology provides effective treatment for children with anxiety problems

It is not uncommon for children to experience a form of anxiety at some time in their life, which is why we have developed an Anxiety Clinic to help treat both children and adolescents. We cover a wide range of anxiety and psychology problems including stress, anxiety, fears, panic attacks, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, sleep and adjustment difficulties, perfectionism, and transitioning from a Malvern kindergarten to school. By undertaking therapy with us, your child or teenager will be given the very best tools for dealing with their stress and anxiety every day. To understand if your child may be showing symptoms of anxiety, or to learn more about our Child Anxiety Clinic. You can also arrange an appointment for your child or teenager by phoning our clinic directly on 03 9806 0623.

We are a leading Child and Adolescent Anxiety Clinic located nearby Malvern. We are known for providing relief and long-lasting solutions to the children and adolescents of Malvern suffering from anxiety.

Dedicated therapy will put sleep difficulties to bed

Lack of sleep can affect our minds and bodies in many different ways. If your child or adolescent is not getting enough sleep because they are experiencing difficulties going to sleep or staying asleep, you might be surprised to learn that tailored sleep therapy can help. Our clinic utilises psychoeducation and individually tailored sleep plans to help your child naturally settle better at night. If not addressed early, your child’s sleeping problems can worsen, becoming much more difficult to treat. Our Child Sleep Treatment can help give both you and your child a better night’s sleep. To learn more about our Child Sleep Treatment, or contact our clinic directly on 03 9806 0623.

Treatment provided by a trained psychologist can help alleviate adult anxiety

With one in four Australians experiencing anxiety in their lives, you can help to relieve your anxiety symptoms by talking with a therapist that has a special interest in treating anxiety. Therapy has shown to be very effective in treating anxiety based issues, and when you tackle symptoms early with a professional, you can reduce the risk of debilitating anxiety disorders later in life. SW Psychology can assist in treating a wide range of anxiety related conditions such as:

  • Stress
  • General anxiety
  • Social anxiety
  • Post-natal anxiety
  • Anxiety caused by fears and phobias
  • Strong avoidance patterns
  • Panic attacks and disorders
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Sleep and adjustment difficulties
  • Performance anxiety and perfectionism traits
  • Low self-esteem and reduced confidence
  • Parenting stress

Anxiety can affect people in different ways. If you aren’t feeling right and your GP has ruled out any medical reasons for your symptoms, you could be experiencing anxiety. Take a look at the common symptoms of anxiety here, and if these ring true for you, then speak with a psychologist at our Adult Anxiety Clinic today.

While many Malvern clinics have waiting lists, at SW Psychology we have psychologist appointment times available that can be booked around schooling and employment commitments; call today on 03 9806 0623.